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Wu Luo Road located Dingziqiao junction, Hongshan Park is opposite the Army General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region, Bao Tong Temple across the street, in the business district and sub-district in the middle of prime South. Door that is the bus station (there are more than 20 times the bus arrived in stores) and Metro Station, just 3 stops to Wuchang Railway Station, Fujiapo bus station is only one stop. To Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University of Technology 3-5 stations to the provincial government, the provincial authorities and only 3 stops. Also arrived in Hankou Railway Station, Tianhe Airport metro station, and convenient.
  • Bao Tong Temple

    Bao Tong Temple is located in Wuchang south of the mountain, as LiShi pure Buddhist temples, is a three-Chu first Buddha, Wuhan City, the famous Buddhist four jungle. Bao Tong Temple has always been a royal temple, in various dynasties have been a royal maintenance and repair, now obviously royal style temple architecture. 1983 by the State Council as a national key Buddhist temple Han areas, the same year as determined by the State Council, the National Key Chinese Buddhist monasteries, 1992 as Hubei heritage conservation units.
  • East Lake Scenic Area of Wuhan

    East lake scenic area, located in wuhan city, was founded in 1950, a total area of 73 square kilometers, the lake covers an area of 33 square kilometers, is China's largest lake in the city. By the state council in 1982 as the first batch of national key scenic spot, in 1999 was awarded \"national civilized scenery tourist area demonstration site\" by national, national 5 a grade scenic spot.
  • YellowCraneTower

    Yellow crane tower is located in the southern bank of the Yangtze river in wuhan wuchang snake mountain above occurs, for the state 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, enjoy "the world jiangshan first floor", "the world is more". Yellow crane tower is the landmark building in wuhan city, and qingchuan pavilion, GuQinTai said wuhan three places of interest.
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  • Starbucks

    Starbucks (Starbucks) is a U.S. chain of coffee company's name, established in 1971, is the world's largest coffee chain, whose headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. In addition to coffee, Starbucks also tea, cake and cake stuffed leather goods. Starbucks across the globe for nearly 12,000 stores across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. March 2012, Starbucks in the United States was traced to two desserts with cochineal as a coloring agent, experts say or cause asthma allergies. April 2012, Starbucks said that disable the coloring agent.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken), commonly referred to as KFC, is derived from the famous American fast food restaurant chain by Colonel Harland Sanders created in 1952. Mainly the sale of fried chicken, hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks and other Western-style fast food. July 2011, KFC reconstituted milk with milk powder incident caused many users dissatisfied; August, Kentucky sent a letter of apology on the matter. September 2011, KFC said rising costs raise prices again; October, KFC restaurants nationwide implementation of the second round of price increases, the restaurant prices may vary.
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  • Wu Commercial Asia Trade Plaza Mall

    Wu Commercial Asia Trade Plaza, located in Wuchang District of Wuhan City Hongshan foot of the central institutions of higher learning in the community, yet close to Chinese Silicon Valley - Wuhan City in the first, Habitat "Optics Valley of China" in the hinterland, close to the national tourist attractions Donghu , forming squares and the seat of government of Hubei Province set Branch, engineering, trade, tourism, entertainment for the central core area of the southern commerce. Square was Gemini podium structure, imposing, planning a huge, modern luxury interiors, 200 berths large car park. Collection of McDonald's, KFC, Kivi Food City, Japanese and other fast-food industry, five-star cinema, wedding photography, beauty salon, bowling alley and other entertainment industries, forming a set of options, eat, play as one of the "one-stop style "large multi-functional shopping center.
  • In the business department

    Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Group's department stores (referred to as "Shopping Mall") chain Division of Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Group, a subsidiary department store format management institutions. Since 1996 since the implementation of chain operations, the existing formal chain 10, operating more than 100,000 kinds of commodities, operating a total area of ​​over 20 square meters. Commercial building for the national headquarters of South Shoppes, Shang Plaza trillion sister shop known as the "First Jiangnan stores," formed by two "twin" Constellation has become the core business district of Gangnam, led the launch of the whole in the South, Wuchang Road, Jiangnan region has gradually become the most popular commercial Street.
  • Intime

    Intime Intime Department Store Group, which is based on the main business of retailing merchandise retail group. Group to achieve chain operations, specialized, intensive as the goal, combined with the advantages of Intime achieve management innovation, business innovation, brand strategy, business and cultural characteristics Intime formed with large retail brand. Our company is a foreign-funded enterprises, headquartered in Beijing Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue on the 2nd Beijing Yintai Center, the company chairman Shen Guojun, as Beijing Zhejiang Association. President, CEO of Mr. Chen Xiaodong. Company on March 20, 2007 at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region

    Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region, located in the scenic Hongshan feet. Is a set of health care, teaching, research, prevention, care, first aid as one of the major integrated military hospital, has been named the three hospitals, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, the National Pokka hospitals, the army advanced hospital services for the troops , Hubei Province (Wuhan) basic medical insurance for urban workers, hospitals, Hubei provincial new rural cooperative medical designated hospitals, the new rural cooperative medical Wuhan municipal hospitals, maternity insurance designated hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei college sentinel health hospitals, "China Red Cross Foundation" Angel Sunshine Fund designated hospitals.
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  • Wuhan Jinyi International Cinema

    Wuhan Jinyi International Cinema THX full accordance with international standards for the construction, audio-visual facilities represent the world's top film screening technologies and concepts, with five 18-meter-wide large screen. These first-class facilities and technology will bring viewers unparalleled visual enjoyment with unimaginable shock effect.
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No.558 Wuluo Road Wuchang Wuhan Hubei China.